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what makes a team succesful

Damian Tanenbaum on what makes a team successful

TL;DR: We had a chat with Damian Tanenbaum, our new Chief Operating and People Officer, about what makes a team successful. He talked about working smart, establishing good communication channels between team members, and the main reasons he was drawn into Blankfactor. Damian Tanenbaum joined Blankfactor a month ago as the new Chief Operating and […]

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data silos

Improving digital experience by breaking up data silos

TL;DR: Data silos, information that is isolated within a single team or application, are a pain in the neck. Breaking them up requires a company-wide effort, which ranges from technical integration to changes in management and company culture. This article provides relevant food for thought for managers interested in breaking data silos within their organization. […]

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bias in machine learning

How fintechs can improve bias in machine learning

As machine learning systems become more ubiquitous, we should identify which kinds of bias in machine learning affect how people of racial, cultural, and sexual minorities access financial products and information. There are significant benefits to machine learning-based applications. However, developers, researchers, and experts must also look at what it means to use such tools […]

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Sorting the debate on inhouse development vs outsourcing

When your company is needing talent, where do you lean on inhouse development vs outsourcing? We’ll help you answer that question. Most companies juggle gigantic tasks. Leveraging emerging technologies, looking for funding, and asking important questions about developing an appropriate business model are some of the biggest hurdles in the early stages. But there comes […]

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Blankfactor - Legacy Modernization and the Future of Fintech

Legacy modernization and the future of fintech

Nearly 80% of the world’s businesses run on COBOL, a first-generation programming language. With so many systems depending on ancient IT structures, how does the future of fintech and technology rely on legacy modernization? This past spring, tens of millions of Americans waited weeks for their unemployment benefits. There were delays in 19 states, and […]

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financial inclusion

How financial inclusion is changing the fintech landscape

In 2015, the United Nations established the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a “shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet.” The core of such document is the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which tackle issues such as water, poverty, climate, urbanization, and science and technology.  Although such goals are a call to […]

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