When technology is the way to differentiate. When complexity stands in your way. We can help. We serve SMEs, large enterprises, and independent software vendors across a broad range of industries, with specialisations in:
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Our services have been tailored to excel your every need. We’re the go-to company for fintech, payments, insurance, and banking needs. We provide extensive expertise, cutting-edge technology, and high-quality performing teams.

A comprehensive
service offer

We are ready to help you solve even the thorniest software needs in the blink of an eye. Our disruptive service offer covers every corner of the latest technologies and trends to fill in your blanks, scale fast, and move your business forward.


Data Engineering and Business Intelligence

Millions of data points are created and stored every second. What matters is making sense of it and using it when needed and for the right purpose. Harness the power of data beyond what you can imagine.

Data Lakes & Data Warehouse Design+Development

Separate, move, process, analyze, and store all of your big data for improved access, faster analysis and state-of-the art security.

ETL/ELT and Migrations

Data integration is growing and evolving. Implement the best extraction for your needs and make it your most valuable asset.

Data visualization

As mediums for interactive data visualization for business intelligence, Power BI, Tableau and WebFOCUS all help companies better see and understand their data. Thrive on the best choice for your information builder with our expert knowledge and world-class advice in these technologies.


Full-Stack Software Engineering

You won’t need to look for multiple providers for your different needs. We’re a one-stop-shop for all your development projects and phases of product development. Partner with the best to create or refine every aspect of a software product.

Front End Development

Get sleek, intuitive, and compelling apps. Our front-end developers and designers produce visually stunning and functional web apps users love. Impress your audience with engaging front-end development.

Back End Development

No job is too complex for our powerful back end systems. Make sure your products are done right from the inside out with robust back end functionalities. Set your project foundations on the most appropriate databases for further scalability.

Mobile App Development

Seamlessly maintain, service, and enhance your products with a strong mobile app partner like Blankfactor. Whether iOS or Android-specific tech, we’re experts in integrations, native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile apps.

Quality Assurance

Debug your app, no sweat! Quickly identify speed bumps and talent gaps in your QA development. Get expert quality assurance teams with nothing but the best in testing processes, methods, and technologies.

Cloud DevOps

Add real value to your organization through faster code delivery and quicker time to market with DevOps. Shorten development cycles, improve cost efficiency, and innovate faster while limiting defects or implementation failure. We provide a strategic roadmap of cloud solutions for every aspect of the value chain.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to transfer your ideas into tangible solutions. Our machine learning services bring years of combined experience in empowering companies to design, build, and implement AI-powered software.

Enterprise AI

Place data-driven decisions at the center of your initiatives by incorporating AI solutions in your business.

Neural Networks

Provide meaningful insight to your systems using sophisticated neural network algorithms.

Predictive Analytics

Use every single piece of information your business generates to identify future outcomes.


Accelerated Product Development

Customer-engaging product launches always take time, but we can cut that back with expedited time-to-market. From ideation and rapid prototyping to MVP, we ensure high quality for the long run with a comprehensive DevOps strategy. Get ready to succeed -fast.


From a chat to hands-on follow-up support, our unbiased assessment can solve your business’ most difficult challenges. Quickly boost your performance with specialized guidance for extraordinary results!

UI/UX Design

Wow your customers and engage your audience with seamless digital experiences. Achieve that delicate balance between your company’s strategy and your users’ goals as they interact with your brand.

Program & Project Management

From a smart delivery strategy to supervision of all processes, our project and program managers use the best tools and practices to identify and avoid risks. Rely on experts to spot and address any plan deviations as they happen.

Rapid Prototyping & MVP

Quickly get real, high-quality data from usable versions of your product, testing your informed assumptions and product ideas. Provide users with a functional product in a short period of time to understand their needs, likes, and preferences in no time!


Decentralized finance

Use shared ledgers to incorporate future data strategies and innovate in underbanked sectors with data-driven operations. Lead the future of payments by creating decentralized financial products for your business.


Expand your business and strengthen your brand with decentralized financial products such as Blockchain. Accelerate your performance while streamlining processes and automating time-consuming tasks. Unlock new values and opportunities in a multiparty environment with blockchain technology.

Smart contracts

Ensure trust and transparency in your customers’ transactions with smart contracts. Avoid intermediaries as you allow trusted transactions and agreements to run across multiple parties, automating the workflow of your projects to save time. These self-executing lines of code are stored on a blockchain and activate only when specific conditions are met.


Are you ready to get ahead with crypto? As cryptocurrencies become widespread, incorporate decentralized currency with peer-to-peer technology into your financial projects. Offer investments or fiat currency trades with the latest tech created by our world-class talent.


Latest technologies are our forte. With them, we can create seamless internal and external interactions, protect the confidentiality of authentication data and rely on overall better fraud protection and user convenience. Let’s develop products that let you grow and scale!


Snowflake came around to advance how data is stored, processed, and analyzed. Power your big data handling with an easier, much faster, and much more flexible solution than anything we’ve seen in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) market before it. Seize Snowflake’s unique capabilities, added features, and competitive performance!


Rely on a one-stop solution that can easily break down internal tech silos for a complete view of customer interaction. See your churn under better control for ramped-up customer-related services and analytics, and quickly boost customer profiling for increased revenue.


Whether you’re an experienced data scientist or just taking your first steps into data analytics, Tableau’s powerful platform is your go-to choice for data visualization. Designed to make data exploration easier, Tableau can translate your data and business objectives into a simple, intuitive interface. Foster a data-driven culture in your organization, and use the information around you to implement new ideas, empower your team, and take initiatives to a whole new level.


Founded by a team of bankers in 2011, nCino builds upon the Salesforce platform to allow financial institutions to streamline their needs. Our world-class talent will guide you through the nCino Bank Operating System to increase profitability, efficiency, and transparency.