Retirement and wealth

Retirement and wealth

Our work in Retirement & Wealth Services is centered around enabling interactions that matter and ensuring our clients can efficiently run their business. We specialize in developing software applications and platforms that help streamline processes, optimize data management, and improve participant experience and retention.

Powering innovation in
retirement services

Integrated solutions across the value chain
Our projects service the entire value chain, with success in strategic integrations, plan and participant data modernization initiatives, reporting,regulatory and compliance efforts.
Our developers stay up-to-date with the latest information to build innovative and efficient web and mobile solutions specifically tailored for our customers’ banking needs.
AI &
Machine learning
Automate your operations and get to market quickly and securely. Leverage predictive data analytics using machine learning to build reliable, yet forward-thinking financial solutions.

Full retirement ecosystem

We focus on all of the different facets of the retirement ecosystem, and have experience in provisioning products and providing digital and process improvement for the Participant, Plan Sponsor, TPA & Advisors and Operational departments for the various products, market sizes and service models.

Leveraging AI and
data analytics

Drive digital transformation in the retirement services and wealth management space, leveraging AI Driven tools and Advanced Analytics to enhance the ability to predict needs, manage risks and optimize technology investments.

Wealth management

AI and analytics has made it possible to personalize advice in a way and at a speed that has never been possible before. We collaborate with wealth managers to resolve a wide range of business challenges, including platform modernization, process automation, and AI powered advice and support.

Wealth services

  • Digital transformation
  • Optimized Data processing techniques & exchanges 
  • Data Security & Privacy
  • Automation & Operational Efficiency
  • Risk Management – Predictive analytics & ML used to assess and manage risk

Providing participant self-service

Personalization is expected with services that cater to the Participant’s unique situations and goals. We assist with the demand for self-service tools and mobile applications driven by tech-savvy retirees and pre-retirees.