Cloud DevOps

Cloud DevOps

In an ever changing world, companies need to adapt and pivot at a rapid pace. With a reliable and cost-efficient DevOps service, you will be able to deliver applications and services at a high velocity and outpace the competition. We have a dedicated team of expert DevOps engineers ready to assist you.

Faster, lower risk delivery

Blankfactor’s expert team of DevOps engineers has 6+ years of experience delivering large-scale cloud solutions and infrastructure. We have consulted across every aspect of the value chain from logistics, communications, and operations. We use the best DevOps practices, cloud features, and innovative tools to design, deliver, and manage cost-efficient cloud infrastructure.

Companies that implement DevOps create a competitive advantage by operating at higher speeds and greater agility. Our DevOps team can help you reduce implementation failure, shorten the development cycles, improve cost efficiency, and innovate faster. Interact with your customers more efficiently with improved DevOps by reducing software time-to-market, and limiting defects. Adapt and respond to market trends quickly and effectively.

We bring together years of software strategy and expert industry knowledge to help customers with change management and large-scale application delivery


Remote devOps

Continuous delivery of new features, adapting to market trends, and staying current with changing security and compliance is essential for companies to compete and stay relevant. Blankfactor’s DevOps team has experience working on a wide rage of projects across industries and able to handle the various issues and problems that may arise. We are able to assist customers in deploying new projects at high speed without additional resources, while lowering the risk of employee attrition. This allows customers to scale up or down with no additional administrative/HR costs. We are focused on developing long term relationships with our clients by delivering high-quality services and results.

Cloud-based development

Cloud-based development can offer the following benefits: reduced cost, speed up development time, reduces risk with increased reliability, it’s optimized for mobile, and will future proof development work. The tools and resources available make the development process more predictable and reliable and reduce the time-to-market. Blankfactor’s experienced team of Cloud DevOps engineers will ensure you get access to top-performing senior developers with a strong track record of successfully delivered projects.

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Blankfactor Services - Cloud Devops Developers Cloud IT Optimization

IT optimization

IT infrastructure solutions evolve and change at breakneck speeds. Companies are often left behind with outdated or inefficient systems and technology that could be better optimized. We are up-to-date on the latest technology trends, and best practices.This allows our team to continuously optimize and improve our customer’s IT infrastructure to improve performance and minimize costs.

Our cooperation models

Augment your existing team with additional engineers or create a dedicated new team.
We can manage the full life-cycle of projects, working with you every step of the way to ensure successful delivery.
Consulting &
We can consult on your current solutions and provide you with expertise of the best technology and practices to improve efficiency.
Need a consultation? <br>Drop us a line. Or two.

Need a consultation?
Drop us a line. Or two.


Public cloud adoption

Flexera surveyed 786 technical professionals across a broad cross-section of organizations about their adoption of cloud computing. This is a breakdown of the technologies the respondents are using.

Currently use
Plan to use
Source: RightScale 2019 State of the Cloud Report from Flexera

Benefits of adopting cloud technology

Deloitte surveyed 1,437 CIOs and other c-suite executives in their State of Cloud Adoption report. It found that the primary drivers for cloud adoption are as follows:

Business agility
Opex funding
Source: Deloitte Insights for CIO’s State of Cloud Adoption

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