Enterprise AI

Enterprise AI

From in-depth predictions to automized services, machine learning unlocks new business possibilities. Build AI-based products for higher levels of efficiency and create a competitive advantage. Unleash the power of data to step-up your everyday solutions.

Applied machine learning solutions

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to transfer your ideas into tangible solutions. Our machine learning services bring years of combined experience in empowering companies to design, build, and implement AI-powered software. We create solutions that transform businesses, from day-to-day decision making to finding new opportunities where there appeared to be none.

Leverage the value of your data and get ready to transform your business. By deploying advanced algorithms to exceed your business goals, we’ll help your company provide a more substantial, long-lasting competitive edge.

Enterprise AI deployed effectively

Security and
To access and transform your data, we use rigorous standards to ensure data integrity and security. Every single data set is anonymized and handled ethically.
Our teams identify where OpenAI can deliver value in your existing systems - or how to build new systems. Get custom solutions designed for your business needs, leveraging the latest technologies.
is key
We test and validate on existent data sets, as well as on your data, to check (and double-check) the suggested model works.

Our software consulting and engineering teams are experts in the latest machine learning practices, data science modeling, deep learning, and more.

Let instant fraud and anomaly detection re-architect the way you monitor data and manage risk. Simplify manual document reviews to streamline claims processes and lower costs. Accelerate drug development with AI-powered biological dataset analysis. Whether in financial services, insurance, capital markets, banking, or life sciences, the use cases for enterprise AI are endless.

Financial services

Fraud detection and prevention

In financial services, fraud detection and prevention is critical. Stay ahead of liability and threats with the most advanced machine learning algorithms. Our team’s AI-powered solutions analyze vast amounts of transaction data in real-time, identifying anomalies for the most up-to-date risk reporting available.

Personalized customer experiences

Keep your customers engaged and satisfied — and stay one step ahead of the competition. Between the power of your data and predictive artificial intelligence, you can deliver the personalized products and services your customers want and need most.

Intelligent credit risk assessment

Get the most accurate, data-driven credit decisioning for card and loan applications. Our machine learning-powered solutions analyze a host of data points, from default probability to income factors,  analyzing applicants’ credit picture and optimizing revenue potential.

Life sciences

Drug discovery

Enterprise AI tools can reduce the time and cost of drug discovery by identifying new drug candidates more efficiently, monitoring patient progress in clinical trials, and improving the overall quality of care.

Genomics and precision medicine

Develop targeted, personalized treatments and improve patient outcomes based on individual genetic profiles. Our AI-powered genomics tools analyze large volumes of genetic data, identifying patterns to power the development of tailored therapies and diagnostics.

Clinical trials

Streamline clinical trial processes, reduce costs, and improve research outcomes with enterprise AI tools. From optimized trial design to enhanced patient monitoring, AI-powered solutions can improve clinical efficiency by analyzing vast data sets and identifying hard-to-pinpoint patterns.

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