The driving question here’s easy. What can we expect as tech trends for 2022? For that, let us break down our top 5, especially related to our major areas of expertise. 

From fintech to banking, from edtech to healthcare, our picks are all at the forefront of implementing new changes. And they’re all needed these next few quarters to stay competitive in our digital world.

This quick read should allow an informative perspective at the technology trends bound to make a significant difference in their industry. Let’s see what’s coming.  

Tech trends for 2022 focused on fintech

We’re making fintech our point of departure. 

Think of cryptocurrencies and how much we’re starting to see them integrated into day-to-day transactions. With that reality, it only makes sense to expect 2022 to be a much stronger year for cryptocurrency integration

Since crypto is widening options while gaining more market expansion, it’d be smart to start looking for ways to connect payment gateways with at least the top bitcoin processors. We can certainly expect tech on this front to become much more aggressive in the days to come. 

Integrating cryptocurrencies might come as a challenge to many. However, there are tons of software partners, such as ourselves, currently working hard on making this a reality for many fintech companies worldwide. Now’s the time to make the jump!

In fact, everything points to an increased use of crypto technologies and blockchain across multiple business sectors in 2022. Look at the stats for this year in terms of blockchain-based startups, for example! 

In a nutshell, and according to CBInsights, the first quarter of 2021 alone gathered 2.6 billion U.S. dollars in VC funding for blockchain startups around the world, which already meant more than all we saw allocated to them over 2020 altogether. 

While crypto and blockchain are different, the level of security and speed in processing blockchain offers, and how closely tied it is to the different cryptocurrencies, makes it a database to consider as part of our top 5 of fintech trends for the coming year. It’s just that big.

Edtech: New year predictions

Machine learning is the hot topic in edtech.

Two-thirds of teachers, a total of 65% of them, according to NewVentureFund’s 2019 report, already claimed to be using digital “learning tools to teach every day.” This was two years ago, already, which puts it as a wrap-up figure before COVID-19 changed the digital landscape in school sectors – possibly forever now. 

Update the data to post-pandemic numbers and we’ll clearly see why machine learning (ML) in edtech is expected to make bigger leaps this year. 

By generating algorithms, rules, norms, and methods to help machines understand and make decisions based on large amounts of data, machine learning now faces the opportunity to create engaging digital learning experiences. Such an ability becomes most helpful at a time when the world is most commonly adapted to virtual education scenarios. 

Partially because of that, predictions on ML estimate it being able to “reach US$80.3 billion in revenue by the year 2023” with 2022 predicted as a key year for that particular growth. 

Explore all the benefits machine learning can add to your business.

Tech trends for 2022 in banking

People no longer bank the same. Virtual banking is indeed revolutionizing the finance industry.

Digital-first and virtual banks have lots of upsides, such as convenience, user comfort, the control it gives its users, real-time online transactions, and much more! We now have neobanks, too, along with buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) platforms, contactless payments, and everything from cloud banking to free-floating financial platforms. 

In this age of digitalization, we’re still calling for newer and smarter tools. Plastic credit and debit card use is now a bit stale and in have come smartphone payments and tons of new mobile technology – in full force, actually!

So, keep counting on virtual assistants with text- and voice-enabled payments this year. We’re looking at overall accessible, quick and ready-to-use mobile banking experiences.

To meet the needs above, we’ll need to move to increased transaction capabilities, with stronger networks that can deliver reliable results and financial institutions that can adapt to competitive digital payments. 

Stay up to speed with client retention this year by making other transactions and features available for online or entirely digital banking experiences.

Varied healthcare industry growth

Healthcare is an industry in dire need for innovation in many key areas. 

One of the main observations the recent pandemic carried with it is how much innovation in the healthcare sector needs to include serious advancement. That is the case in at least cloud computing, telehealth, remote monitoring, digital records and prescriptions, AI, and predictive analytics, just to name a few areas. 

You can almost just take a pick as to where to advance when it comes to healthcare. According to Compunnel Digital’s trends for digital healthcare for 2022, telehealth’s projected market growth will jump “from $79.79 billion in 2020 to $396.76 billion in 2027.” So, the room for growth is considerably varied as digitalization also permeated every aspect of healthcare with the recent global health crisis. 

It’s time for AI to give much-resorted telemedicine a valuable tech enhancement. Examples thereof include the virtual nursing world, which is in need of moving to a whole new arena. We’re already looking at new technologies for surgical procedures, as well. And better and more efficiently-powered analytics can shed more personalized care plans. 

One of the lessons behind our most recent pandemic is clear. This sector needs to gain a much smarter and certainly wider understanding of user data per geographical location. There’s tons of research pending on new technologies here. 

Where are we going in general?

Consumers are ready for easy and simple payment solutions. Look into cross-border commerce, for instance. 

We can already see financial institutions and other industries looking to break the mold with seamless digital experiences

There’s a particular knack in 2022 for meaningful tech innovation. And that can bear multiple meanings. Whether it’s bringing AI or machine learning on board, the goal is to speed up and vitalize processes.

From big data handling to enhanced security platforms, we need to run a smooth front-end user experience. Our digital capabilities are running against great innovative speed and force.  

Name a location, industry, or target audience; we could all use a little tech revamp right now. So, look out for emerging technologies, especially customizable options that provide unique user experiences. 

Maybe it’s time to be taking a serious look at the metaverse now? We know marketers are already breaking their heads, trying to make the best profitable opportunity. Such is the case of what little we’ve seen in virtual fashion in the metaverse, for example. The challenge is to rethink and adapt branding and advertising in these new digital spaces. 

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