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woman in a group doing business

Women in fintech in Latin America

TL;DR: Latin America was a global leader in 2018 with 35% of women founders in the industry. COVID-19 has since impacted the region, both challenging it and turning more users into digital services than ever before. More inclusion for women in fintech can lead to profitable returns for this expanding industry. Measures include more mentorship, […]

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young boy protesting with megaphone

Why it’s important we celebrate Black History Month

TL;DR: The Black experience is flooded with a significant disparity that cuts through numerous fields. Among those aspects, we can cite proper access to equal conditions in education and financial services, level of income, and healthcare. By the same token, structural violence has recently stirred historic social movements in defense of Black lives. Given this […]

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hands holding green world

Brief update on green economy and sustainability

TL;DR: Reviewing practical approaches in fintech to implement green economy and sustainability measures may foster innovative ways businesses can collaborate with national and global organizations. The overall goal is to make a short- and long-term impact on our environment. We’ve all been facing the challenge of contributing to a sustainable environment for quite some time […]

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Sustainability in fintech

Thoughts on solidifying sustainability in fintech

Big data applications, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things are potential sources of increased revenue for any business. To review sustainability in fintech, here’s a quick outline of Sustainable Digital Finance’s endless possibilities.  A varied use of financial technology can actually boost environmental measures. This is the case not only within its own sector, […]

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Top 5 tech trends for 2022

The driving question here’s easy. What can we expect as tech trends for 2022? For that, let us break down our top 5, especially related to our major areas of expertise.  From fintech to banking, from edtech to healthcare, our picks are all at the forefront of implementing new changes. And they’re all needed these […]

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