With almost 12,000 people bearing frosted conference badges this year, Snowflake Summit 2023 in Las Vegas was massive and record-setting. Our Blankfactor team was thrilled to be on the ground and take in the latest of data and generative AI, from news of groundbreaking Snowflake features and partnerships to the wonders of snow in Vegas.

Blankfactor & Snowflake at Caesars Palace

First, a big thank you to all who attended our special event at Caesars Palace on Tuesday night. Nearly 60 people joined us for this invite-only event at the Marc Antony Villa, where we had the chance to sit down and connect with some of the top leaders and teams in financial services technology.

Snowflake accelerates AI offerings with NVIDIA partnership

Snowflake Summit 2023 brought some big news for the future of AI and Snowflake.

With big data at the core of artificial intelligence applications, Snowflake’s data solutions can be easily leveraged for generative AI innovation. With an announcement from keynote speaker and Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman, the company will now partner with AI hardware and computing leader NVIDIA— bringing “the world’s best compute engine to the world’s most valuable data,” according to NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang.

Now, Snowflake customers can readily build AI applications using proprietary company data within Snowflake’s Snowpark developer platform. NVIDIA’s NeMo foundational models and processing power allows companies to rapidly accelerate their time to train and launch custom AI models.

“Broad, general language models aren’t what we’re looking for in business,” said Slootman. “We’re looking for a copilot that has extraordinary insight into a very narrow but complex set of data.”

The NVIDIA partnership turbocharges enterprise AI development and deployment for clients in the Snowflake Data Cloud — all while leveraging layers of security features within Snowflake and NVIDIA.

Watch more highlights from the keynote address and partnership announcement here. 

Snowpark Container Services lets developers do more with data

The release of Snowpark Container Services marked another big announcement at this year’s Summit. Container services in Snowpark will now bring more seamless functionality to Snowflake Native Apps, enabling developers to run and manage accelerated computing, increased workloads for AI/ML models, and tap into a larger library of third-party apps from Snowflake Marketplace, including LLMs. This simplifies the complexity of managing and scaling data for the latest AI/ML apps.

Check out this short demo on using LLMs within Snowflake through Snowpark Container Services.

With Blankfactor, unlock Snowflake expertise

This year, Snowflake showed that it will continue to be a leading cloud data provider, pairing intuitive data infrastructure management tools with powerful analytics and ML/AI capabilities. But effectively implementing data-as-a-service platforms like Snowflake also remains a complex challenge for companies, including implementing security guardrails and governance, optimizing cost and resources, and choosing the best platform for your needs.

At Blankfactor, we’re a Snowflake Services Partner. We know how to help companies fully unlock all that Snowflake’s data cloud can do for their businesses. From accessing the latest features to collaborations with Snowflake engineers, we bring years of expertise in data strategy and data engineering for leading companies.

Find out more about our work building data products for wealth management and capital markets, modernizing data platforms, and other key projects featuring transformative Snowflake solutions. Ready to take the next step with your data strategy or enterprise AI development? Get a 60-minute solution session with our team today.