Building an agile RaaS product for wealth management

Project overview

A global investment management firm turned to us to streamline legacy data systems and build an agile RaaS product that would deliver actionable intelligence for customers. That included insights and analytics for retirement portfolios, investment recommendations, and risk mitigation recommendations.

Project goals

  • Ingest complex data from multiple sources, including IRA and 401k account data 
  • Store and process data to generate analytics using machine learning algorithms
  • Ensure data security through encryption and access controls
  • Integrate with financial planning software tools to deliver personalized recommendations
  • Build visualization capabilities
  • Migrate 5,000 reports across multiple technologies
  • Design and deliver cloud-based infrastructure to provide scalability and process high data volumes

Team structure 

Technical Architects
Technical Leads
Program Managers
Product Managers
Software Engineers
Data Engineers
WebFocus Engineers

Tech stack

The result

Our data team leveraged key features in Snowflake to produce a cost-effective, secure, and agile data solution.

We optimized data processing costs by separating storage and computing resources, and using a hybrid orchestration design enabled data reporting in a fraction of the time in minutes, not hours. And by pairing data-sharing with dynamic data masking features, we ensured the protection of PII and powered fast data processing.

To deliver robust intelligence and visualization capabilities for users, our team leveraged a boutique BI cloud environment designed for financial services, migrating the legacy reporting system from BusinessObjects. We also consolidated the system’s reporting operations from 5,000 to 660 reports, delivering substantial computing cost efficiencies.

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