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woman standing near servers on computer

Choosing between ELT vs ETL for business intelligence

TL;DR: The order in which we extract, load, and transform (ELT) data is part of today’s business decisions as companies can also extract, transform, and load (ETL) data. Small businesses that don’t conceive large data influxes and analysis might benefit from the traditional ELT form of data handling. Yet, the ELT vs ETL discussion also […]

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employee experience strategy

What should employee experience strategy have?

TL;DR: Having a sustainable employee experience strategy helps fintechs provide better products for their customers. It should be simple, empathetic, and respond to team members’ expectations and needs. The world of work is changing rapidly. To provide better products and more personalized experiences, companies are placing knowledge, ideas, and experience at their center. This is […]

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Alper Hasan - Tech Lead in Software Development at Blankfactor

World-class Talent: Our tech lead makes a friendly difference

TL;DR: This third entry in our World-Class Talent series of our blog highlights a tech lead who is devoted, caring, highly collaborative, and a well-experienced developer in Bulgaria. Here are his guiding principles in what is a successful career story.  Alper Hasan’s contributions to our company have been described by his lead, Blankfactor’s CTO in […]

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data center racks

The power of a data architect in business intelligence

TL;DR: From data warehouses to data lakes, team sizes and task distributions, data architect Nikolay Nyagolov, a top leader in the tech hub that’s Bulgaria, is speaking to us about data science and architecture and how these fields can impact clients.  As part of business intelligence projects, we’re used to servicing product companies that provide […]

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qa automation engineers programming together

How a QA automation engineer excels at Blankfactor (and how that adds value to our clients)

TL;DR: A QA automation engineer can do wonders in improving software life cycles and team productivity. Working together with the best talent in the world on the latest technologies can improve processes for happier working environments. QA automation can consistently improve a product’s quality and its subsequent fit in a given market. A while ago, […]

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person working on keyboard in QA automation

What QA automation is all about

TL;DR: QA automation does wonders in improving software life cycles and team productivity. From enhancing processes to suiting the perfect technology in the best use possible, QA automation engineers set out to make happier working environments that consistently improve a product’s quality and its subsequent fit in a given market. Quality Assurance (QA) automation is […]

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what is a smart city

What is a smart city: the basics

Science fiction films picture cities as convoluted networks of dense developments, high-speed transportation, and streamlined designs. Such images make it hard to appreciate the many advancements smart cities have had up until today.  Gigantic leaps in Internet of Things (IoT) technology have facilitated a new era for smart cities; one where digital solutions can substantially […]

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