Although there’s no precise formula to consistently delivering innovative digital projects in financial services, experts have pointed out that team work and communication plays a relevant role in ensuring timely rollouts. What are the main project management strategies and methods to achieve success in fintech software development?

In recent years, the financial services industry has experienced an unprecedented boom, powered by a combination of state-of-the-art technology, greater public acceptance of financial products, and an acute interest in financing projects.This white paper focuses on the most recent trends in project management, specifically on Agile frameworks and work in industries such as fintech. 

Changing the face of project management 

Current market demands propose working out of different parts of the world. Many fintech industries have fully embraced global software development (GSD). Depending on business objectives, such an approach allows teams to work together across geographical boundaries to access skilled resources and other benefits. This is partly why companies invested in GSD projects rely on managed services to create commercially viable software within time and budget constraints.

How has the fintech industry managed to continuously deliver innovative products that have promoted rapid industry growth? Answering this question requires a closer look at how the industry works. Also, at how project managers within this sector have adapted Agile frameworks to their specific needs. For example, prioritizing communication and enabling as many channels as possible has helped fintech companies establish stronger rapport with their stakeholders and customers, thus helping create projects that truly understand market needs. 

Understanding how Agile principles influence the process of creating effective products in a globalized, remote workplace is only part of what this paper tackles. We also provide insight into what project managers at Blankfactor focus on to ensure successful and timely delivery. 

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