This State of Venture Report is a summarized version of CB Insight’s Global State of Venture Report for 2021, a document that takes a close look at global fintech venture capital funding for 2021. Call it a sort of investor cheatsheet, if you’d like. This brief is aimed at giving you relevant global funding data – in a nutshell. 

From the amount of deals and statistics on fintech funding to 2021’s Quarter Four specifics, we’ve included the original reports’ highlights on exits, mergers and acquisitions, and other industry-related figures across the different funding stages. The summary features diverse relevant figures on the state of funding worldwide. It includes data on top investors and information on mega-rounds and total unicorns worldwide.

See how fintech funding is doing, particularly. With the USA and Asia taking the lead on several fronts, entire sections place concise focus on those regions. We also go over the general statistics for other areas around the world. You’ll find performance data in funding from Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and Seattle as well as Asia, Europe, Canada, Latin America, India, and Israel. 

Many records came through across the board for the yearly period, too. Specific highs were recorded for its last quarter and we’ve incorporated all of those in this abridged version. The numbers don’t stop surprising. Record funding simply spread out everywhere in the globe!

Take a look at this synopsis for a clear and quick overview of the state of fintech funding worldwide for last year.