TL; DR: Blankfactor is now part of Inc. 5000’s America’s fastest growing companies in their private firm list for this year. Based on scrutinized and proven financial records, the 330 ranking now puts our company in the top 500 in this group, which makes it an even more select achievement for ourselves. With this note, we’re celebrating surprising revenue growth rates that are driving jobs into the economy.

We made the 2022 Inc. 5000 list!

Ranked number 330 on Inc.’s most prestigious annual celebration for 2022, we’re part of the top 500 companies out of America’s already select list of 5000 of the fastest growing companies at a private level in the country. Our three-year revenue growth of over 300% is to thank as we sit next to companies such as Facebook, Oracle, and Microsoft. It’s been an amazing journey for us. 

For forty years now, Inc. has been ranking the fastest-growing private companies in America. Their list this year maps out 0.07% of all companies in the nation. And we’re now in their top 500 private companies list for this period, which puts us within what Inc. calls “the most successful companies within the economy’s most dynamic segment.” We’ve now become part of an even more exclusive group of firms amongst the select five thousand whose “average median three-year revenue growth rate [alone] soared to 2,144 percent” and that, together, “added more than 68,394 jobs over the past three years” to the global economy. We’re very glad to be doing our part in boosting our sector as we continue to engineer the future. 

Inc.’s fastest growing companies selection method

According to Inc., companies on this year’s list “are ranked according to percentage revenue growth from 2018 to 2021.” In order to be considered, businesses need to “have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2018” and need to also be based in the U.S. as private for-profit and independent organizations that are in no way subsidiaries or divisions of other companies from December 31st of last year onwards. 

Being featured by this trusted business-media brand means becoming a part of an award-winning multiplatform that’s reaching “more than 50 million people each month across a variety of channels.” We couldn’t be more honored to be part of this country-wide achievement. 

The value of not letting limitations stop us

All of the above is especially rewarding given our current context. As Inc. puts it, success has become much harder since their start. From the COVID-19 pandemic to “supply chain issues, social and labor unrest, inflation, war,” many setbacks for private enterprises are causing “more than half a million businesses [to] close each year”, according to Fed stats that Inc.’s own Scott Omelianuk has presented. 

As USA Today reported less than two weeks ago, “The U.S. economy has contracted for a second straight quarter, sounding the alarm over a possible recession as the nation grapples with soaring inflation and rising interest rates.” As a global managed services provider, however, we keep growing, aiming at an even greater growth of 350% by quarter four (Q4) of this year. 

Our offices across Latin America, the United States, and Europe keep making leaps forward as we seek to partner with leaders in the financial services, insurance, payments, capital markets, and banking sectors to continue to revolutionize these industries with the latest technology and our world-class talent. 

The Bulgaria office recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, and our data scientists and architects have made big strides this year as we near our Elite partnership with amazing technological game-changers such as Snowflake. This far, we’ve delivered projects for clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies with great success around every corner. 

The work making us one of the top 500 fastest growing companies

Beyond just our revenue successes, we mostly take pride in the revolution we’re being able to foster with key partners around the globe hand-in-hand with truly the latest tech applications. 

We started off by powering an acquiring solution for Latin America, making in-person and e-commerce payments a reality in a region that’s growing readier for a financial tech revolution at a large scale. In this case, we provided a viable product to an unsolved piece of the LATAM puzzle.

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Up to this point, however, our teams have also created a seamless experience for the users of a card brand application to use rewards as real cash. This solution has allowed all banks to develop their own customer reward and incentive program, with minimum IT involvement and zero merchant integration. Our stabilization of this app has allowed a 52-time reduction in crashes, a 218% increase in monthly active users, and a $12mm increase in annual redemptions as per 2021’s second quarter alone.

While we’re engaging in full-stack web, mobile, and API development for a start-up beverage company, as well, for example, we’ve also become a large payments processor’s go-to partner as we helped this other client step up their game amidst complex software challenges. In their case, we’ve helped improve their current architecture, allowing them to scale and update their systems according to market and clients’ demands and needs. 

That’s not nearly all. Leveraging the Internet Of Things (IoT), we’ve also partnered with a company such as 4thID to create a mobile app that reinvents user experience. We’re proud of this work that we’ve achieved together as these applications are indeed making people’s lives easier and creating IoT-powered environments towards a smarter future.

Learn more about how we’re engineering the future.

Stay tuned for the September issue of Inc. magazine highlighting us as part of the top 500 private companies to have made this year’s list. It will be made available as of August 23.

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