Powering identity management solutions for a consumer bank

Project overview

When a top-10 consumer bank wanted to grow its digital identity offerings, it looked to a team of engineers, UX designers, and a digital identity expert from Blankfactor. We rapidly designed, built, and delivered a suite of B2B SaaS products for onboarding, risk mitigation, and more.

Project goals

Our team aimed to implement:

  • Industry compliance and risk analysis mechanisms such as OFAC / SDN checks, MNO checks, GovID scans, credit bureau checks.
  • Identify verification with MFA and device fingerprinting.
  • Customizable workflows for step-up authentication, enabling third-party partners to integrate into their own products.

Team structure 

Digital Identity SME
Java Engineers
React Engineers
QA Engineers
UI/UX Designers

Tech stack

Blankfactor Technology - React

The result

Within the first year of launch, the new products led to new business engagements with a large healthcare provider and a top-five payroll processing company. Blankfactor’s speed of delivery and expertise in fraud prevention established us as a strategic partner for the bank’s identity management initiative.

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