Modernizing a gateway app for a leading payment solutions provider

Project overview

When our client’s payment gateway app became dysfunctional and presented architectural issues, they turned to the Blankfactor team for a modernization project. The app was incomplete following previous development efforts; as an additional challenge, the app lacked documentation.¬†

In the first phase of the project, we worked to stand up the app by optimizing the existing PHP framework. In the second phase, we implemented new features using .NET and completely refactored the app.

Project goals

  • Payment gateway integration, including implementing payment processing between the merchants and acquiring banks, credit card authorization & direct payments, and securing fund transfer from the customers’ bank accounts to the merchants’ accounts
  • Set up a merchant account for the client enabling payment acceptance
  • Provide an API enabling clients to integrate payment processing services into their e-commerce platforms, websites, or POS systems¬†
  • Implement fraud detection and prevention mechanisms to protect clients/customers from fraudulent transactions
  • Deliver access to real-time reporting and analytics to track financial activity like sales and expenses, implementing:
    • A client-facing API layer to integrate with the payment processing service and handle authentication and authorization
    • A payment gateway integration layer that integrates with the payment gateway provider and handles credit card processing and direct payments
    • A fraud detection and prevention layer with machine learning algorithms and other tools to detect/prevent fraudulent transactions
    • A reporting and analytics layer

Team structure 

Technical Architects
PHP Engineers
.NET Engineers
QA Engineers
DevOps Engineers
Project Manager

Tech stack

Blankfactor Technology - MySQL

The result

Our team modernized and refactored the gateway app within the first 3 sprints, rapidly unlocking revenue for the client. Following the project, the client has seen a dramatic increase in customer engagement, leading to growth in adoption of their technology.

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