Lifesaving event management solutions for first responders

Project overview

Our client was a private-equity-backed leading provider of 911 technology solutions for traditional phone companies, satellite and cable operators, VoIP providers, and government agencies across North America. They needed help with geo-locating 911 calls across the U.S. and tracking data across many sources and formats—cell phone tower coordinates, E911, GIS, and more.

They turned to Blankfactor to build advanced dashboards systems tracking metrics and behaviors of each emergency call. These advanced, cloud-based event management dashboards streamline data ingest, processing, and analytics, powering segmentation based on county, call reason, time of day, and beyond.

Project goals

Design and implement an event management system, including:

  • Collecting and ingesting 911 call data from various sources, including call center systems, dispatch systems, and mobile applications
  • Establishing a system for data processing and transformation
  • Architecting data warehouse for analysis
  • Design and build a business intelligence (BI) dashboard, which allows users to visualize and interact with data in real-time and display information such as call volume, call duration, call types, and geographic location of calls
  • Establish cloud infrastructure in the Microsoft Azure environment to provide scalability, high availability, and reliability for the system
  • Thoroughly test the system before deployment to ensure it is highly performant and error-free


Team structure 

Technical Architects
Senior .NET Engineers
Product and Project Managers
Quality Assurance

Tech stack

The result

The Blankfactor team delivered unparalleled public safety and event management software that delivers mission-critical information for first responders. This software has saved thousands of lives.

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