Designing a frictionless customer acquisition system for a merchant bank

Project overview

When a leading merchant bank needed to improve a lengthy merchant onboarding process, they chose Blankfactor to rapidly transform the experience for self and assisted onboarding. Our challenge was to develop an end-to-end onboarding and risk underwriting solution to qualify business partners and accelerate client acquisition.

Team structure 

Design Lead
UI/UX Developers
QA Engineers
Java Engineers

Tech stack

Blankfactor Technology - React

The result

Our new merchant onboarding system cut the process from 21 days to just one hour. The self-service portal with built-in risk underwriting engine approves e-commerce merchants instantly, enabling immediate activation.

As a result, merchant onboarding rates increase dramatically, rising from 30 per day to 200 daily signups. The seamless onboarding experience also reduced merchant dropout rates by 50%.

Reduction in merchant dropout rates
Increase in daily merchant signups

“It’s been a pleasure working with Mike and their team. It’s especially refreshing that they not only understand technology and user experience, but they can also scale quickly to meet our needs.”

Lorrie Littlefield

VP, Loyalty Technology

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