Delivering tech expertise for a leading payments processor

Project overview

Our client, a leading North American payment processor, needed to overhaul its core payments platform and fix architectural issues. However, our client was facing one of the most common pain points in the industry: a lack of tech talent and expertise. They needed highly qualified, senior-level engineers with specific background knowledge — and they turned to Blankfactor.

Team structure 

Expert Architects
Java Engineers
.NET Engineers
QA Engineers

Tech stack

Blankfactor Technology - jQuery

The result

Our team swiftly deployed the software and payments experts needed for the project and worked to redevelop the company’s payments platform. The new scalable architecture and other improvements boosted the performance of the client’s payments product, providing a seamless experience to payment platform users. With improved function and scalability, the client can now update their systems according to market and client demands, driving increased revenue opportunities.

We have since become our client’s go-to partner for complex software challenges for their core business.

“Many of Blankfactor’s experts come from financial institutions and really successful banks, so we had a lot of know-how on that… It’s a really complex orchestration. Blankfactor helped a lot with that…”

Tomas González Ruiz

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Glim

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