Custom LIMS for data management in early cancer treatment

Project overview

Our client, a cancer laboratory, wanted to improve tools to manage & track large volumes of data from the lab’s operations and to automate the various workflows, accelerating preclinical trials. This included automating sample tracking, instrument calibration, quality control, and more. The organization also wanted to find an efficient solution for sharing findings across departments.

Our team worked to implement a custom LIMS instead of a ready-built solution software solution for lab data management.

Project goals

  • Track all lab processes, including sample preparation, inventory, shipping, sample processing, libraries creation, and resulting files management
  • Systemize, label, and track 500,000+ instances out of 60 typed containers (e.g., vials, plates, tubes, and racks) into a set of algorithms following plate management principles
  • Utilize MS Azure cloud infrastructure and secure routing for any viable and secondary information pieces due to the message-based architecture with the Azure portal infrastructure

The Result

We delivered a unique, flexible system that consolidated all clinical data from sampling to test results. Our team leveraged Microsoft Azure cloud services to enable a secure perimeter that not only complied with FDA requirements but also sped up the release cycle of the project.

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