Automating legal workflows & case management with AI

Project overview

Our client offers legal software solutions that are transforming case management and document processing. 

They sought out Blankfactor’s help to build an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered summarizer and analysis tool. This solution needed to identify, extract, analyze, and summarize contracts and other legal documents to a high degree of precision.  

Project goals

  • Collect a large dataset of legal contracts and documents to train the AI model – a diverse dataset representative of different types of legal documents
  • Preprocess dataset in preparation for training the AI model, including text cleaning, normalization, and tokenization
  • Train the AI model with the preprocessed dataset using machine learning algorithms
  • Implement an NPL layer enabling the AI tool identify key phrases, clauses, and entities within legal texts
  • Use supervised learning algorithms to build document classification capabilities into the AI tool
  • Use NLP techniques to enable analysis and summarization capabilities 
  • Enable integration with other legal software tools such as case management systems, document management systems, and billing systems
  • Thoroughly test and validate the AI software to ensure that it is accurate, reliable, and provides highly accurate results

Team structure 

Technical Architects
Senior Clojure Developers
Product and Project Managers
Quality Assurance

Tech stack

The result

Our AI software solution improves the efficiency of workflows and reduces manual effort in legal document processing. 

The software allows end users to seamlessly identify data points and relevant clauses in a fraction of the time traditionally . Internal workflows have seen a massive spike in productivity, with users able to assign tasks, collaborate, and track progress more efficiently. 

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