Web apps & backend dev

Web apps & backend

We build sleek and intuitive web apps with powerful backend systems. Impress your users with well designed and high performance applications. Our expert developers are ready to help you no matter how complex your application is.

What we develop

Our expert team of web app & backend developers have developed world-class B2B and B2C solutions and specialize in video delivery, API integration, webRTC, adtech, eLearning, and data analytics. Whether you’re looking for consulting and expertise designing a new application from scratch, looking to integrate a new application with existing systems and architecture, or to modernize legacy software and migrate to the cloud, you can be sure Blankfactor will deliver exceptional results.

Reduce your time-to-market with cost-effective cloud-based applications
Intuitive and optimized Saas applications that will wow your users, and run without problems
Improve workflow and productivity with a custom tailored solution for your organization
Infinite customisation to improve the customer experience that out-of-the-box solutions can’t offer
Progressive web
Skip the download and installation stages by combining the best of web and mobile apps
Improve user experience and performance with single page web apps
Blankfactor Services - Web and Back End Solutions Technology

The right technology

Your business is unique – so are your technology requirements. Our developers are well versed in a wide range of programming languages and frameworks. We will work within the confines of your requirements whether you have specific technology stack, code standards, or security protocols. We can also consult on building a technology stack and provide recommendations on languages, frameworks, tools and resources to create a sustainable, scalable long-term technology roadmap.

Security-first solutions

Keeping customer information and data secure is essential. Nobody understands that better than us. Our work in the financial industry ensures that our engineers are up to date on the latest trends, protocols, and best practices in application security. Rest assured that our backend systems are secure and safe against cyber attacks.

Blankfactor Services - Web and Back End Solutions Security First
Blankfactor Services - Performant Web and Back End Solutions

Performant web services

Users demand intuitive, bug free, and fast applications. Blankfactor’s backend expertise ensures that systems and architectures are built for scale. Your applications must be able quickly evolve to changing requirements, additional features, and increased load. Our backend systems will keep pace with your users and growth.

Systems integration

Modern business is complex. Enterprise applications most likely require integration with ERPs, CRMs, billing, and inventory management. Our team has extensive experience delivering enterprise solutions, ensuring your application is built to integrate with enterprise systems, ensuring a seamless connection between your applications and business operations.

Blankfactor Services - Web and Back End Solutions System Integration
Blankfactor Services - Web and Back End Solutions System Data Analytics and Warehousing

Data warehousing & analytics

Leverage your data and use it effectively. Allow us to help you make the most of your data through business analytics and reporting – Make meaningful data driven decisions and strategic plans with valuable insights into the data you collect.

What can we help you <br> build today?

What can we help you
build today?


Our web app
development process

01. Analysis

We work with our clients to gather the requirements, use cases, process specifications and conduct in-depth research on demographics, behavior patterns, and target audiences to refine your idea and create a strong app foundation

02. Wireframing

Our experienced UI/UX designers will create wireframes to visualize the client’s concept and ideas that clearly define the user journey

03. Prototyping

We lead the industry with best in class prototype design techniques that give you an earlier heads up on the look and feel, during the development cycle.

04. Design & code

We use Human Interface Guidelines and follow industry best practices during our design and coding process. Our capabilities deliver sleek and responsive apps to give you a competitive edge.

05. Testing & QA

We rigorously test the performance app performance to Industry standards to evaluate its scalability, responsiveness, and stability.

06. Deployment

Once the app fulfills our client’s requirements and expectations, we deploy the app according to the launch plan.

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