• We customized the reporting stack for one U.S. county’s new cloud-based 911 platform, delivering on an accelerated timeline. 
  • The project continued our long-standing partnership with a leading emergency management systems provider.
  • Real-time metrics like call volume, response times, incident trends, and location data can improve emergency response coordination and save lives.

Fast, reliable emergency response systems are crucial to ensuring the right resources get to those in need, but many local governments are still using legacy or outdated call systems. In some areas, emergency staff handle critical functions manually, like coordinating hospital care or tracking vital public health data. (GovTech

Modern cloud-based 911 solutions can transform these essential community services, enabling faster response times, data-driven operations improvements, and better system resiliency. Still, gaining actionable insights and reporting from emergency management solutions can be challenging as organizations navigate the complexities of system modernizations, hybrid legacy and cloud environments, and other data needs. 

We partnered with a leading 911 software solutions provider to deliver customized reporting solutions for one of its U.S. customers — and help save lives. Find out more about how we’re helping one U.S. county unlock powerful customized reporting solutions through a leading cloud-based emergency call data platform.  

Migrating emergency management systems to the cloud

Migrating from legacy systems to modern platforms can unlock real-time, centralized 911 data analytics for advanced reporting. However, local governments, including states and counties, often require additional engineering support to manage the complex tasks involved.  

That’s where our teams made a big difference for one county government in the Southeast U.S. After recently migrating from a dated call system to our partner’s cloud-based, data-driven emergency management system, their mission was to leverage and personalize the platform’s broad capabilities. Plus, they needed to maintain key call data visibility from the legacy system to ensure continuity. 

Revamping lifesaving emergency reporting metrics

Our teams quickly got to work revitalizing the reporting stack, fully rearchitecting the platform’s analytics capabilities utilizing the latest technologies. Our engineers are now building customized reporting and API enhancements based on their specific requirements, utilizing technologies like Power BI and SSRS in a .NET framework.

With these platform customizations, emergency responders gain real-time call data and real-time reporting based on their specific requirements, capturing call data to uncover key metrics such as:

  • Call volume. 
  • Response time analysis. 
  • Incident analysis, identifying trends and patterns based on incident type and more.
  • Location data, like the caller’s address, IoT sensor data, and floor plan imagery.

Granular, customized insights are vital for improving services and response coordination based on the county’s unique needs — and will even help save more lives. By revamping the reporting capabilities, we aim to give our partner’s platform and their 911 clients even more power to protect communities.

High-quality engineering and increased throughput

Our agile development approach and intelligent sourcing strategy enabled us to deliver exceptionally high-quality work on an accelerated timeline. Managing the product customizations from end-to-end, our team iterated through short, two-week sprint cycles. 

We’ve already completed over one-third of the project and are on track to deliver to production a full month ahead of schedule.

Continuing our mission with a long-time partner

Our team is proud to be a trusted partner for many leading financial services and technology providers, including our emergency management solutions partner. As a major 911 call routing, infrastructure, and analytics solutions provider, our client has turned to us for years to drive impact fast with critical software needs. 

Previously, we delivered advanced dashboard systems tracking metrics and behaviors of each emergency call to enhance the client’s platform. These advanced, cloud-based emergency management dashboards streamlined data ingest, processing, and analytics, powering segmentation based on county, call reason, time of day, and beyond.

Our engineering teams unlock emergency management solutions

Real-time, customizable data from modern emergency management platforms are transforming the potential of 911 teams across the country. We’re proud to lend our engineering expertise to support emergency responders, using the power of big data to improve some of the most important technologies that keep our communities safe. 

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