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That’s our mission: to drive tangible outcomes that move the needle. We aim to engineer impact by leveraging technology, innovation, and the unique talents of everyone who works for us to improve lives and experiences globally. In every project, our elite engineers bring the deep domain and technical expertise needed to bring those goals to life.

Discover some of our partners’ latest success stories and the numbers behind our impact.  

3x transactions for payments leader

Great products can come with growing pains. A surge in transaction volume for a leading payment processor caused some infrastructure struggles to keep up with. The need was for a reliable, scalable solution – fast.

Our team of financial technology experts dove in, optimizing their cloud infrastructure for both growth and stability. We delivered a stable, resilient platform that could handle the increased load, tripling merchant transactions and reducing downtime by 90%.

50% savings with cloud migration for financial services giant

Advanced capital markets auditing solutions can quickly detect fraud, flag suspicious market activity, and ensure compliance. But our client, a major financial services firm, was struggling with the high costs of maintaining their legacy private cloud solution for their auditing product. This system was eating into their budget and hindering their agility.

We conducted a seamless migration of their auditing product to Snowflake’s cloud-based platform. This unlocked a 50% cost savings, freeing up resources for other initiatives.

Card issuer launches app in 10 months

To stay top-of-wallet, payments firms are looking to find ways to keep cardholders engaged. So, one global card issuer aimed to enter the US market with a new iPad app. But they needed a partner who could move fast and deliver exceptional quality.

We think digital product development doesn’t have to take years. Our team utilized rapid prototyping techniques to create a user-friendly app in just 10 months. We also streamlined backend processes and optimized the app’s payment processing, resulting in a 50% reduction in the posting cycle. This means faster access to funds and cashback rewards with an Amazon integration. 

Major card brand grows users by 218%

Better customer experiences really can translate into ROI. A top 3 card brand wanted to revamp their existing pay-with-rewards app. They were battling legacy code issues and needed to refresh the user experience.

We tackled the technical challenges, quickly stabilizing the app and jumping in to help steer the product roadmap. Our work led to a 5x reduction in crashes, a 3x improvement in user ratings, and a staggering 218% increase in monthly active users. Plus, annual loyalty program redemptions jumped by 12 million.

Over 50% cost savings for global investment firm

Lean teams and delivery efficiency can free up resources to drive other goals. That’s a reason why one major investment management firm was looking to streamline its product and technology teams. They needed solutions to boost cost-effectiveness. 

We devised a strategic plan to optimize their team structure. By implementing a combination of specialist staffing and restructuring, we helped our client achieve a 63% annual savings on their product team costs. The technology team also saw a 53% cost reduction with a shift to a more efficient talent model.

This newfound agility allowed the investment firm to develop a flexible delivery model, boosting their gross margin by 40%.

UK acquirer cuts support calls by 80% with automation

Runaway customer support costs quickly eat into revenue. When a UK-based acquirer was overwhelmed by call center requests, they needed a way to improve customer service and reduce costs.

Blankfactor delivered an ideal solution. We developed an IVR system and a self-service portal, directing 80% of calls from the call center. With automation, our solution would pull client data from many sources, find payment details, and even verify caller identity. This translated into significant cost savings and more efficient customer service systems. 

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