Watch our webinar on “The journey from software complexity to optimum quality” to go deep with our Java Practice Lead on software complexity, software quality, and what we can do about the two. This webinar gives the necessary tools not only to identify issues, but we’ll also to discuss how to avoid and work towards improving them.

Jorge helps us revise what we’ve learned, with tears in our eyes, throughout our software careers. He’s doing so as he also shares what he’s personally realized throughout his own background working with a wide and diverse pool of clients. 

Over a 40-minute live session, we discussed:

  • The most typical errors we’ve found in software development.
  • What software complexity means, and what we can do about it.
  • Where we stand on software quality, and whether it’s necessary.
  • What it means to be agile, and what that implies.
  • What we can do to improve in software development.

We all want to deliver value. And we seek so with ambition. But a lot of issues can come up on the road to excellence, making it really hard for us to manage everything, including software complexity.  

Watch the recording now!