Money20/20 Europe was just a few short months ago in June, but the themes around innovation in money are already swiftly evolving.

This year’s Money20/20 USA in Las Vegas (October 22–25) continues the conversations. From the rise of LLMs in the enterprise to the launch of FedNow, companies are taking strides forward to synthesize the rising tides of AI innovation with real-time payments, blockchain, open banking, and beyond.

But with dozens of panels, speakers, interviews, and rants (an actual category) slated for those four packed days, how do you make the most of the event? Here are five speakers at Money20/20 USA that we’re excited to hear from as fintech innovation accelerates.

  1. Stephanie Ferris, CEO & President of FIS, will discuss leading a major fintech company through an era of generative AI and other tech changes. Her keynote will offer a glimpse inside of FIS’s transformation program and innovation strategies.
  2. Ed McLaughlin, President & CTO of Mastercard, will explore how AI, quantum computing, and crypto will transform digital payments and shopping experiences. Mastercard is researching quantum tech for security and personalized marketing.
  3. Jennifer Barker, CEO of Treasury Services of BNY Mellon, will speak on pay-by-bank disruptions to the credit card model. BNY Mellon and Trustly partnered to launch Bankify for pay-by-bank C2B payments, tapping into open banking potential.
  4. Mike Blandia, Global Head of Payments Technology at J.P. Morgan, sees real-time payments as the future, but an effective RTP ecosystem will require robust interoperability and data privacy. J.P. Morgan is developing digital identity solutions for Web3 to enable seamless, secure real-time digital transactions.
  5. Sarah Hinkfuss, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures, will talk about how advanced AI can transform lending through faster, more accurate risk assessment. BCV has invested in AI startups that are addressing barriers to enterprise AI adoption.

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