Building an enterprise-ready artificial intelligence (AI) pilot is a big challenge for organizations — but so many companies are trying to capture its opportunities and build value. 

First, there are questions. What use cases should we tap into? How do we find the right talent? How do we ensure that our data strategy will support AI innovation?

At Blankfactor, we’ve done it ourselves. We know how to advise and implement machine learning (ML) and AI solutions, from generative AI tools that let you talk to your data to algorithms that let you make predictions, identify risk, and optimize operations. 

We’ve supported major payments players in developing and leveraging ML/AI solutions for some of the most complex, heavily-regulated industries, including payments and finserv. And we can do that as quickly as 10 – 18 weeks. 

But what most companies don’t know is how building an AI model works — from the tech to the engagement approach to deliverables. Then there’s governance and security, with concerns about ChatGPT running wild with company data. With so many IT services firms claiming to have AI accelerator services, how do you know what you’ll really be getting from your investment? 

Let’s explore that. I talked to Blankfactor’s VP of AI, Thomas Barton, to find out more about what it looks like to work with our AI experts and build a large language model (LLM). 

The what: Custom AI models

Every day, the world of artificial intelligence solutions is growing faster than most companies can keep up with. Sorting which technologies you should be leveraging is half the challenge. 

We believe that two core AI and machine learning technologies can deliver immediate value for enterprises and SMEs in financial services and other regulated industries. These are tested and proven based on years of our own experience developing and executing with them — or, in the case of LLMs, based on months of developing an in-house model (BlankGPT) using our own data. 

  • Custom LLM-powered chat: Talk to your company data in an interface like ChatGPT and instantly get insights from across data sources and applications. We can build an LLM-powered chat functionality enabling data sharing and better collaboration, productivity, and efficiency within and among teams.
  • Machine learning algorithms: Harness the value of your data with machine learning algorithms, which can identify patterns, detect key signals, and make predictions based on billions of data points — from transaction records to operations data. For financial services firms, that means more accurate and instantaneous fraud detection, risk analysis, customer behavioral analysis, and predictive analytics. 

The how: Building an AI model with flexibility and expertise

Leveraging these technologies is key for firms looking to stay competitive, but it’s just as crucial to define an AI blueprint closely tied to your organization’s needs and strategies. 

With AI Labs, we pair our expertise with built-in engagement flexibility, ensuring that we work securely and produce outcomes aligned with your business goals. 

AI Labs process outline

Operationalizing AI models and machine learning solutions successfully depends on several key ingredients, including identifying high-impact use cases and revenue potential, exploring data opportunities, optimizing your data strategy, synthesizing stakeholder needs and insights, and more.

Our experts will start with discovery and advising, defining opportunities within your industry — whether in payments, banking, financial services, capital markets, or another industry — and tailoring it to your business goals. Then, we’ll move into development, identifying relevant training data features, building and deploying MVP solutions, optimizing data, validating the model, and model deployment.

Hosted in your cloud or our cloud

Depending on what you read, it’s easy to think that developing AI capabilities through the OpenAI API or another AI platform is simple. But many challenges can limit organizations’ potential to go all in on AI, from trust issues to political, technical, or security issues preventing in-house development.

Our Labs approach gives you the flexibility to develop AI software securely and as best suits your needs. 

  • Work in our cloud: Through containerization, our partners can opt to bring their data to the Blankfactor-hosted cloud for experimentation. 
  • Work in your cloud: It’s always possible to work in your environment, bringing Blankfactor’s model and expertise to your data cloud and development environment.

See the impact of AI technology in the near and long term 

You can expect to see new technologies that will immediately make your organization more productive, efficient, agile, and competitive — from LLM-powered chat solutions to machine learning capabilities delivering new data insights. 

But another key element of any successful AI development initiative is advisement. 

Developing AI capabilities isn’t a one-and-done solution. It takes ongoing support and refinement to continually improve the performance of the model. 

For that reason, you’ll also get Blankfactor’s expert consulting on data strategy optimization for your AI roadmap, training for your technical teams, and documentation and methodologies to ensure the long-term success of your AI program. 

What sets Blankfactor’s AI Labs apart

This isn’t another general-purpose AI model accelerator from a do-it-all IT services partner. Here’s a few reasons why what we’re doing is different.

  • We already have a robust data practice — and successfully launching AI is all about data engineering and building on a strong data strategy. 
  • We have a well-defined scope within AI to deliver the most value. We aren’t trying to do everything with AI — but we can help you with what we do best, including data science and engineering.
  • We have a deep bench of experience in payments and financial services. We can identify high-value use cases for your industry, tailored to your business needs and aimed at driving ROI.

Turbocharge your digital potential with AI Labs

At Blankfactor, we help companies grow, scale, and become more agile through the power of digital technologies. From data engineering to digital product development to machine learning and AI solutions, we can ideate and deliver the technologies you need to drive your business into the future. 

Contact us today to get a 60-minute solution session and learn more about building an AI model with our experts.