TL;DR: Blankfactor’s success stories run across multiple industries at this point. In this blog, we go over a few of the different achievements we’ve gained as business partners to leading corporations around the world. If you’re wondering what Blankfactor can do to help your business, this blog post will clarify the diverse capabilities our teams possess to come up with a new success story of your own. 

Credit card and payment processors around the world, especially those dealing with large-scale transactions per second, can easily have access to enhanced features, services, platforms, and applications for their consumers to profit from unparalleled advantages in a highly competitive industry. 

In this blog, we go over the unique solutions we’ve provided to a diverse set of clients across multiple tech stacks and different industries to scale their business offer and unique selling points. 

Success stories of an increase over 200% in monthly active users

We’re starting with a true credit card network leader worldwide. For this business partner, we helped redevelop a pay with rewards application that resulted in a 52x reduction in crashes and a three-fold improvement in volunteered user ratings. Since then, the app has migrated to a cross-development platform and is being rolled out to four other countries in the Latin American region. 

In this partnership, we were able to fix and stabilize our client’s app based on a 5-page technical documentation overview of the proprietary code. We naturally generated the necessary documentation to keep future issues from rising for our partner. 

Yet, our turnkey solution furthermore enabled cardholders to spend their rewards in physical stores as much as online. Today, we celebrate a 218% increase in the total amount of monthly active users that contributed to a solid 12 mm increase in annual redemptions.

Our payment processing solutions create success stories for the long term

A different US-based payment processor also trusted us to completely refactor and modernize their payment gateway app. The biggest challenge here was working on an application that was no longer functional. It was undocumented and presented major architectural problems. 

In this business partnership, we worked on two milestones. The first one had to do with getting the application running while optimizing its PHP code with new features in .NET. The second objective was to completely refactor the payment gateway on .NET. 

To reach these objectives, we used a tech stack composed of not just .NET, but also PHP, Docker, Talend, Acios, and other technologies. We successfully achieved our desired goals.

Sorting out sourcing needs

For another major North American payment processor, we helped address one of the most common pain points in the industry: sourcing. 

For the above, this business partner needed a new version of their payments solution. The challenge here had to do with fixing all architectural issues to update their systems. We were certainly able to provide the required solutions and our business partner is now providing a seamless experience to their payment platform users. 

Our client may now also extend and update their systems on their own whenever they need.

Project management and development in capital markets

We’ve also been a business partner for over three years for an American multinational focused on capital markets. The teams nurturing this relationship from Blankfactor’s side have helped with project management and development. 

Our work has included architectural development, DevOps, Snowflake, QA Automation, UI/UX design, and API modeling. These tools have all come in handy to deliver a new industry standard for our business partner’s financial data experience. 

Today, this corporation is profiting from new reporting that allows clients best-in-class reports. With this improvement, they now offer digestible and actionable data in the asset management and alternatives market. 

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Creating single solutions for a growing region

We’ve also set out to provide an unsolved piece for an entire geographical region. Prontomas is our solution to the Latin American puzzle.

We knew merchants in LATAM struggled finding solutions for cost-effective, integrated, multinational payment processing. So we came up with a payment gateway that can handle online retailers as much as traditional brick and mortar ones. 

With it, we’ve provided a single point of engagement for unified commerce with seamless data analysis. This is without a doubt the future proof of payments. 

A seamless mobile tenant experience

And while experience is heavily commanded in the fintech and financial services sphere, we’ve been able to leverage the latest technologies for seamless collaborative processes in other industries, as well. 

This is how we became business partners to a client with whom we developed an attractive, stable, and efficient tenant experience platform to facilitate property management. The application allows users to employ their phones as key cards, generating clear communication between landlords and tenants while also being capable of assigning and revoking property access.  

Innovative technological solutions are part of our services

As a product solutions provider truly engineering the future, we count on top talent around the world who master the most innovative technologies that can easily disrupt multiple markets. Our work stands behind our expertise and service offer. 

Becoming true experts revolutionizing the fintech and financial services industries who are now also part of Inc. 5000’s America’s fastest growing companies, we thrive on providing collaborative and seamless solutions with the latest technological applications. Let us know how our innovative solutions can best benefit your business. 

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