This year wasn’t short on stories of a tech crunch, more discriminate spending, and uncertainty. But we’ve been proud to flip the narrative. At Blankfactor, 2023 has marked another big year of growth.

Our founders are now part of Endeavor, and we’re one of America’s fastest-growing companies for a second year. From new partnerships and industry recognitions to revenue milestones and new key hires, we recount a few of the recent successes that are pushing us forward into our next chapter of engineering impact.

Joining the Endeavor Entrepreneur community

Endeavor’s global network has a reputation for being a selective and influential entrepreneurship network, and we’re honored to be named among the latest 2023 cohort. As a networking and mentorship community for companies making a significant contribution to economic development and job creation — especially in international and underserved markets — joining the Endeavor community marks a major milestone for Blankfactor’s future.

Since its founding in 1997, Endeavor has helped support the creation of 3 million jobs and $20 billion in revenue. This catalyst for entrepreneurship will help Blankfactor continue to grow its global teams and drive high-impact innovation in financial services, life sciences, and beyond. 

Blankfactor’s founders, CEO Mike Wear and Chief Product Officer Melody Pak, took part in a rigorous evaluation process, with Melody traveling to Bali to present at Endeavor’s 96th International Selection Panel (ISP)

“We are thrilled to be joining Endeavor. As we progress through each step of this process, we become more and more impressed by the caliber and the very heart of each entrepreneur, mentor, and team member that make Endeavor so special. We look forward to learning, growing, and engineering impact with Endeavor!”

–Melody Pak, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer
96th ISP in Bali | Photo courtesy of Endeavor

Landing the Inc. 5000 List in 2023

It happened — we made the Inc. 5000 list for a second year in a row! And this time, we’ve secured an even more coveted spot, landing at 289 out of the already select list of 5000 high-growth companies. 

The honor reflects our continued growth in projects and partnerships. After tripling revenue in 2022, we’re set to double revenue in 2023. With that, then, we’re thrilled to announce some of our key new client partner relationships that have made this year another momentous one, including:

  • A top-five American airline company
  • A major telecommunications provider focused on emergency communications
  • A SaaS spending analytics provider
  • A major North American payments processor
  • A Fortune 500 payments tech company
  • A major credit card brand 
  • A leading retirement and wealth management services provider
  • A payments tech and merchant services company
  • A global insurance services provider
  • A global fintech leader
  • A leading biotech and pharmaceutical company

We’re supporting these clients with some significant transformations and digital revamps. From building acquirer gateways to AI-powered drug discovery for life sciences, we’re helping global enterprise leaders in payments, insurtech, and beyond to become more agile, data-driven, and leverage insights to drive opportunities. 

Read more about how we’re driving innovation forward in financial services.

Expanding our global talent and domain expertise

At Blankfactor, we look for a unique kind of tech talent — people who bring an equal passion for technical excellence, business problem-solving, and above-and-beyond excellence in delivery. It’s our teams that drive our continued success, and that’s one reason why the ongoing expansion of our global talent network is so exciting. 

Since the beginning of 2023, we’ve grown our team by more than 20% and by over 70% since 2021. Some of our newest team members have joined us from Romania, Brazil, the UK, Bulgaria, Colombia, Ukraine, and the US. 

To support this rapid development as well as our domain and technical expertise, we’ve also expanded our senior leadership team by welcoming several seasoned executives, including:

  • Petru Metzger, President – Payments
  • Denise D’Angelo – Chief Growth Officer & SVP Transformation Programs
  • Mark Davies – Chief Revenue Officer
  • Matt Bryson – Chief Financial Officer

With these new key hires, we’ve been working to build out our Transformation Team, Go-to-Market Team, Payments Group, and our AI Labs program. For instance, our new VP of Artificial Intelligence, Thomas Barton, will help us expand capabilities in generative AI and private chat models, machine learning, and other cutting-edge technologies. 

These leaders will be instrumental in guiding our next stage of global growth and innovation. Their experience leading high-growth companies will help both Blankfactor and our client partners create value.

Growing our connections in payments

At the same time that we’re pushing our internal team capabilities forward, we’re also excited to be launching initiatives that strengthen our connections in the payments and technology communities.

For instance, several of our key leaders and team members – including Co-Founder Melody Pak and Chief Growth Officer and Transformations Programs SVP Denise D’Angelo — initiated our engagement with PayTech Women, a network empowering women in payments and financial services. 

Melody Pak is set to speak at PayTech’s upcoming Leadership Summit in Atlanta (October 3 – 4), where she’ll join industry experts like Melissa Cullen (Head of Banking and Data Solutions at FIS) and Dawn Delaney (Vice President, FinTech & Innovation at J.P. Morgan Wholesale Payments) for an event centered around cutting-edge payments insights and trends.

We also joined the Payments Association to expand our engagement with the payments industry. We’re looking forward to meeting more leaders in the industry, discovering challenges, and talking next-level solutions as the industry evolves — from real-time payments innovations to leveraging AI in orchestration.

Engineer impact with one of the fastest-growing companies

Is it only August? From making the Inc. 5000 list to our founders’ Endeavor selection to new client partners, these latest milestones of 2023 are important ones, but we’ve still got plenty of this year left to go. We can’t wait to see what Q4 holds as we dive into our latest client projects and greet new additions to the team.

At Blankfactor, we believe that engineering starts with a problem-solving approach and a commitment to driving real outcomes. As we move forward with the launch of AI Labs, expand our machine learning and AI capabilities, and dive even more deeply into the payments space, that’s our guiding mission: to move the needle and drive success for our clients in the near and long term. 

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