From October 24th to 27th in Las Vegas, Nevada, hundreds of the most renowned fintech companies in the world will meet in the largest event in the industry: Money 2020. Recognized as fintech’s premier content, sales and networking platform, Money 2020 offers a leading view on the global financial industry and in-depth insight for what comes next. 

Blankfactor, being at the epicenter of fintech disruption, is going to be there. 

For three consecutive days, people, investors, startups and large-scale companies will be able to attend conferences and workshops from a wide range of topics. For example, peolpe may learn more about the future of payments, improving customer experience and security through artificial intelligence, tokenization, cryptocurrency and blockchain, financial inclusion and more. Our purpose is to be at the center of it all, connecting our capabilities with your interests. 

Experienced Trailblazers

Years of experience in the creation of innovative financial solutions for different partners has made us experts in our area. Because our aim has always been to be the preferred partner for companies who want to create, we have truly been able to hone in on our craft. We excel at delivering products that result in more customers, increased loyalty and scaled results and benefits.

We’ve had experience applying new technologies to attractive and stable digital solutions that push the boundaries. A great example of this is our involvement in the creation of an IoT tenant experience platform. This was done in a seamless collaborative process with the partner. Such project facilitated property management, control access and allowed a clear communication from landlords to the tenants.

Choosing the right partner to bring your ideas to life is not as easy as pie. For instance, one of our success cases with a multinational credit card corporation started as a rescue mission… We were approached to work on a mobile application that was built by a third party.  We came in during crisis mode of the project and with minimum IT involvement. The result? We rescued the project with zero merchants impacted. In a matter of weeks, we stabilized the app and created documentation to prevent future issues.

These are two examples of how we’ve helped successful companies create awesome software products. Let us help you with yours. 

Would You Like to Chat at Money 2020?

If you’re attending the event, there are many ways you can contact us and have a chat. You may fill out our contact form to schedule a meeting with the CEO or any of the executives attending the event, or ping us via LinkedIn.

So, interested in what we’re doing during the event? You can follow our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages to find out more about what we’re doing during the conference!