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Say goodbye to siloed data and complicated engineering. Simplify your data stack with Databricks, a cloud data technology that combines elements of data lakes and data warehouses. Manage your data with greater efficiency and flexibility with the open-source technology of the Apache Spark framework and open doors to innovative analysis without sacrificing governance and performance.

Make the best of your data’s potential

Datrabrick’s reliable performance is enhanced through the combination of next-generation data architecture, connectivity with popular technology frameworks and libraries, and simplified administration.

Data you
can rely on
Databrick technology helps you deliver a single, trustworthy source of data that enables you to run sophisticated analyses.
Machine learning
made simple
Empower machine learning projects with Databricks. Using the same open architecture, simplify your production pipelines - with any type of data, at any scale.
Straightforward governance
Data projects have never been so practical. Make the best of DB SQL technology to enable decoupled storage that manages multi-cloud lakehouse architecture.

Merged into one space

Foster multi-user collaboration through Databricks’ integrated workspace. From training and tuning your machine learning models to the creation of an interactive dashboard everyone can see, this integrated workspace introduces practicality to your analyses and fosters more communication.

Infinite scalability

The integration of an easy-to-use interface not only helps avoid cumbersome data processes but also democratizes data access. No matter the size of your organization or project needs, Databricks is bound to integrate easily into your project to improve performance, agility, and use of resources.

A sophisticated toolbox

Allow your experts to work across different ecosystems, with different frameworks and libraries, and different scripting languages. Adopting Databricks technology enables data scientists, business analysts, and engineers to select the most appropriate tools.