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Agile engineering teams

Agile engineering teams

Taking a more agile approach to projects offers a number of advantages to a business, ultimately making projects more efficient and boosting the bottom line. At Blankfactor, we supply the agile teams that are customized to support your development needs. We turn your ideas into reality.
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More control

Incremental developments hold tremendous value for our clients and the project team. Work can be broken into parts and conducted in rapid, iterative cycles. The regular meetings that are part of agile allow project teams to share progress, discuss problems, and work out solutions. The entire process is also more transparent, meaning that any issues or synergies are identified quickly.

Increased productivity

The incremental nature of the agile method means that projects are completed in shorter sprints, making them more manageable. It also allows products to be rolled out quickly and changes to be easily made at any point during the process.

Better quality

Because it is iterative, one big benefit of agile methodology is the ability to find problems and create solutions quickly and efficiently. The flexibility of the agile method allows project teams to respond to customer reaction and constantly improve the product.
The client remains involved in the development process and can ask for changes depending on the market realities.

Higher customer satisfaction

Close collaboration between the project team and the customer provides immediate feedback. The customer is able to make tweaks to their expectations and desires throughout the process. The result: a more satisfied customer.

Faster return on investment

The agile method’s iterative nature also means the end product is ready for market faster, staying ahead of the competition and quickly reaping benefits. The benefits of the agile method are cutting costs and time to market in half, while increasing application quality and customer satisfaction.

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Benefits of adopting agile

Changing priorities
Project visibiity
Business alignment
Delivery speed
Team productivity
Source: CollabNet VersionOne 12th Annual State of Agile Report

Our process

At Blankfactor, we promote continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the software development lifecycle of the project. Both development and testing activities are concurrent, leading to a better end result.

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