Working with Java 8 and wondering how to migrate your code to the latest version? Learn everything there is to know about the version of Java that everyone has been talking about for months! We will go over practical exercises to help you update your code and make the best of Java’s new features. Moving to Java 17 will no longer be a pain in the head for you. 

By joining us, you’ll learn how to upgrade your codebase with a few practical steps. Don’t miss out on the chance to get professional guidance from Blankfactor’s Java Practice Lead, Johannes Correa, on making the best of Java17’s new features. This live session will allow you to solve any question you have about the technology. Ask directly all you want to know at the end of the session in the Q&A section.

It’s time to get rid of that feeling of “working in Java 17, but coding in Java 8 style”! This webinar is all about moving to Java 17 and checking the basic tools that let you migrate codes. 

Our 40-minute live session will leave you with:

  • A summary of changes from Java 8 to Java 17
  • An understanding of what’s different from Java 8 to Java 11
  • Clarity on all the updates that happened from Java 11 to Java 17

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