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woman standing near servers on computer

Choosing between ELT vs ETL for business intelligence

TL;DR: The order in which we extract, load, and transform (ELT) data is part of today’s business decisions as companies can also extract, transform, and load (ETL) data. Small businesses that don’t conceive large data influxes and analysis might benefit from the traditional ELT form of data handling. Yet, the ELT vs ETL discussion also […]

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Alper Hasan - Tech Lead in Software Development at Blankfactor

World-class Talent: Our tech lead makes a friendly difference

TL;DR: This third entry in our World-Class Talent series of our blog highlights a tech lead who is devoted, caring, highly collaborative, and a well-experienced developer in Bulgaria. Here are his guiding principles in what is a successful career story.  Alper Hasan’s contributions to our company have been described by his lead, Blankfactor’s CTO in […]

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what makes a team succesful

Damian Tanenbaum on what makes a team successful

TL;DR: We had a chat with Damian Tanenbaum, our new Chief Operating and People Officer, about what makes a team successful. He talked about working smart, establishing good communication channels between team members, and the main reasons he was drawn into Blankfactor. Damian Tanenbaum joined Blankfactor a month ago as the new Chief Operating and […]

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women leaders in technology

World-class talent: Creating women leaders in technology

TL;DR: Our second entry in our World-class Talent series focuses on Johana Saldarriaga, an accomplished developer from Colombia whose relentless drive and passion has helped her overcome all sorts of challenges. To her, leading projects at Blankfactor is a great opportunity to prove herself, work on her leadership skills, and provide a different perspective on […]

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data silos

Improving digital experience by breaking up data silos

TL;DR: Data silos, information that is isolated within a single team or application, are a pain in the neck. Breaking them up requires a company-wide effort, which ranges from technical integration to changes in management and company culture. This article provides relevant food for thought for managers interested in breaking data silos within their organization. […]

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