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WebRTC is a free, open-source project that allows real-time communication (RTC) via APIs. By enabling direct peer-to-peer interaction without the need for plugins or native applications, WebRTC allows developers to readily build powerful voice and video communication solutions inside of web pages.
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Are we at tipping point of WebRTC adoption?

We certainly think so. Although WebRTC was developed less than a decade ago, it is estimated that the WebRTC market is poised to grow by $16 billion from 2020-2024*
WebRTC is the technology behind leading communication and collaboration solutions including Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Discord, and Amazon Chime.
*WebRTC Market by Software, Applications, Services, Solutions, and Devices with Global and Regional Forecasts 2020-2025
North America WebRTC market size

By component, 2016-2017 (USD Million)


WebRTC use cases

There are already established WebRTC use-cases spanning consumer, enterprise, telecom, and IoT marketsThese markets will continue to evolve at breakneck speeds.

Leverage user’s social graph data to augment their experience.
Directly share fully encrypted large data files peer-to-peer through a WebRTC data channel.
Give customers access to WebRTC audio or video channels to assist them through the purchasing process.
Connect live agents and customers through ATMs, vending machines, bus stops, and other IoT devices.
Connect with clients via WebRTC and integrate per-minute-billing.
Enhanced audience
Turn a mobile device into a microphone during live events and eliminate the need to pass a traditional microphone across the room.

Industries building WebRTC apps

WebRTC is used in a wide array of industries. While the percentage of companies in the broadcasting industry that are working on WebRTC applications is unsurprisingly sizable at 51%, we predict that other sectors are going to grow rapidly to incorporate WebRTC solutions, particularly in online education and telehealth.

Online education
Telehealth and wellness
Video chat and social
Customer support
Live broadcasting
Remote expertise
Source: “Free Infographic- 2018 WebRTC Trends & Use Cases”

New top technologies

As WebRTC capabilities expand, companies are looking for new creative use cases and innovative technologies to integrate with WebRTC.

IoT 32%

Companies are working on or planning on integrating WebRTC in an embedded device

AI/ML 64%

Companies are working on or planning on integrating AI/ML in their WebRTC app

VR 29%

Companies are working on or planning on integrating AR in their WebRTC app

Source: “Free Infographic- 2018 WebRTC Trends & Use Cases”