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Machine learning

Machine learning

Unlock new possibilities, boost productivity, and automate your business processes using machine learning solutions. Regardless of what industry you operate in, our AI-based solutions can help you achieve higher levels of efficiency and keep ahead of your competition.
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Premium consulting

Blankfactor’s machine learning consulting services bring decades of combined experience in empowering companies design, build, and implement AI-powered software. We are committed to helping companies understand machine learning capabilities and pairing them up with business goals.

Our software consulting and engineering teams are experts in the latest machine learning best practices, data science modeling, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and more. We use these skills to help your company leverage all of the potential AI systems have to offer. Our company helps you transfer your ideas into tangible solutions through technical implementation.

Machine learning is no longer a “nice to have.” Its extraordinary spread and growing ubiquity mean that businesses risk losing out to more innovative competitors if they fail to harness its potential.

From augmenting human creativity to reaching new levels of efficiency, a tailor-made machine learning solution developed by our in-house experts will help you reach your business goals.

Our machine learning services are complemented by end-to-end product design and world-class software development, allowing you to build your product from the initial concept up to launch.

Computer vision
  • Identify images quickly and effectively: generate quick access to product information just by taking a photo; recognize defective products before they get shipped to customers, and more
  • Recognize specific elements in images or videos in order to streamline processes
  • Transcribe images to natural language descriptions for improved accessibility
  • Transform a system’s UX by automatically tagging uploaded images and videos
Audio & signal processing
  • Identify sound events that help users to recognize specific elements such as speakers (especially valuable for security measures), emotions, songs, TV shows, mechanical issues, and much more
  • Sound and speech recognition for different purposes, from security measures to product improvement
Natural language processing
  • Automate the content tagging process
  • Find similar items, products or content based on textual titles or descriptions
  • Automatically classify new support cases, estimate their complexity for further review or give automatic suggestions
  • Gain insight from brand perception through social listening
  • Create question and answer systems and text summarization features
Predictive analytics
  • Leverage structured, semi-structured and raw unstructured data
  • Discover hidden patterns in data to identify the most relevant insights for the client
  • Generate reports for descriptive analysis, beautiful dashboards and functionalities for monitoring and evaluating the performance of the predictive models in real time
  • Use your data to minimize risks, maximize opportunities, and support business decisions

Our cooperation models

We’ll provide you with a scalable, external team of qualified machine learning experts.
We’ll take care of the entire project for you, from development to deployment.
Consulting &
We’ll suggest the best machine learning solutions to unlock the value of data.

How we do it


01. Discovery

At this initial phase, the team’s goal is to fully understand the business problem in order to define a roadmap.
Data collection & preparation

02. Data collection & preparation

Our data engineers access your data to prepare, cleanup and transform it following the project’s goals.

03. Modeling

By studying and analyzing the hard data, we will prototype, discover the most relevant features, develop models and iterate through learning algorithms.
Iterative development

04. Iterative development

During the system’s development we will implement the solution, from testing, deployment, maintenance, to continuous improvement.
Deployment & QA

05. Deployment & QA

We will continue to monitor the system’s performance and how the models interact with new, real data in order to generate fresh usage insights.

Other services

From application development to large-scale database
migrations – we’re mission ready.

Mobile app
Full service application lifecycle management (ALM), ranging from maintenance and servicing, to feature enhancement.
QA testing to ensure systems execute properly that your User Interface works as intended, and data is managed correctly.
From AWS to Azure, dedicated Cloud devOps engineers work with you to help you develop a strategic roadmap for your technology.

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