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United States

United States, our home town United States

The United States is our home! Blankfactor officially launched in Florida back in 2015. We’re located where tech is most disruptive and this country combines a robust software development ecosystem with a pioneering history in tech innovation. Read more to discover why the U.S. is Blankfactor's chosen base of operations.

One of the world’s largest technology hubs

Our natal country has long been one of the world’s largest technology hubs due to its legal framework, world-class talent, globally spoken language, and cosmopolitan culture. Blankfactors’ presence in the U.S. has provided a solution for our clients who need software development locally while also enjoying the convenience and ease of travel to our other offices and mostly everywhere globally.

Highly skilled talent

It’s greatly convenient for any software development company to be close to the most important educational centers in the world, and we have this covered. Top universities and colleges in America produce an IT talent pool skilled in a broad range of different IT-related fields. Our teams count on the brightest minds in the country, working close to you in real-time.  

Networking opportunities

As the saying goes, keep your friends close and your clients even closer! We might have tweaked that a little, but we thrive on strong bonds with our clients. From Silicon Valley to the Big Apple, we’re physically here to shake hands and uniquely service their needs. We also take part in all the major events and conventions to ensure we’re always at the epicenter of disruption, cultivating bonds with major leaders in the financial industry.

Multicultural environment

The American culture has considerable influence on culture globally, and it’s hard to find a more cosmopolitan country in the world. Immersed in different foods and cultures from all over the world or enjoying diverse landscapes such as beaches, mountains, forests, and deserts, this multicultural environment is an exceptional place to work.

Base of operations for Big tech

As one of the best destinations for software development, the U.S. is the base of operations for many global leaders in the tech industry. From IBM and Apple to Microsoft and Google, the country has birthed many tech-leading giants. So for us, starting Blankfactor in the U.S. before expanding to Latin America was a no-brainer.

Our Miami offices

Miami is a prime location for our offices because of the city’s rich cultural makeup that makes working with North and South America so easy! In addition, our team enjoys the beach and warm weather all year round, along with the diversity of culture, food, art, and entertainment that’s available here. This office fosters creativity and hard work while giving employees a work-life balance.  

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