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Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an exceptional country with a strong software development ecosystem. It’s known for its peaceful and stable government, and its talent is savvy and highly educated. Read more to discover what makes Costa Rica one of the world’s top destinations for software development.

Top talent with a global mindset

As we were looking to consolidate our presence in Latin America, we found in Costa Rica the perfect location. The land of “pura vida” (which in Spanish translates to “pure life” or “simple life”) is known for its top talent, global mindset, and growing tech communities. Fall in love with the country as we explore the top reasons why we chose to be part of their culture.

Blankfactor Costa Rica - Real Time Collaboration

Real-time collaboration

Costa Rica shares a full-time overlay with most of the US. Costa Rica is either on Central Time or Mountain Time Zones, depending on the time of year. You will be able to share daily meetings, calls, or chats with our team – just as if they were sitting next to you. This real-time collaboration is part of our secret sauce for success.

Blankfactor Costa Rica - English Spoken


Communication with your team will be as easy as pie. Costa Rican professionals understand the need to communicate globally, and Costa Rica ranks one of the highest in English fluency in LATAM. So you can have easy conversations with our team members and trust your projects will be deployed just the way you asked.

Blankfactor Costa Rica - Highly Educated Talent

Highly educated talent

For decades, Costa Rica has invested 6% of its GDP in free and universal education. As a result, the country’s universities and technical institutes graduate hundreds of highly-trained professionals a year. Costa Rica also enjoys a strong partnership with American companies and universities; numerous Fortune500 companies are top employers in Costa Rica, and universities like Texas Tech have extension campuses.

Blankfactor Costa Rica - Big Development Community

Big development community

Costa Rican developers have a real passion for everything related to software. As a result, the tech community regularly organizes meetups, hackathons, and development days. Such groups encourage a culture of innovation and allow new developers to stay up-to-date with fresh trends in the market.

Blankfactor Costa Rica - Office

Our Costa Rica office

We wanted to make our office somewhere that was not only centrally accessible — but also as inviting as possible. The result is an office that serves as an oasis. Our brand-new workplace is a vibrant and stimulating environment, specially crafted to foster creativity, productivity, and collaboration.

Blankfactor Costa Rica - Live It Up

Live it up

Working in Costa Rica is a true delight. Anywhere you visit, you would be just a drive away from seeing a lush rainforest, walking through white sand beaches, or taking a weekend of adventure.

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