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Why Colombia Colombia

Colombia's software development services have grown exponentially over the last ten years, making it one of the most sought-for development destinations. Are you ready to discover this amazing country?

A vibrant, modern country

At Blankfactor, we’ve been huge fans of Colombia’s potential for years. Top local talent paired with a global mindset and easy access from anywhere in the world has been our key to delivering world-class solutions to clients in the United States and Europe.

As our presence grew, we solidified our bonds with the community. This allowed us to keep a close relationship with the tech ecosystem and stay up-to-date with local and global trends.

Blankfactor Colombia - Nearshore


Colombia shares a full workday overlap with the United States. Colombia is either in the Central Time Zone or Eastern Time Zone (depending on Daylight Savings Time). This means real-time collaboration and no more overtime hours trying to match your agenda with people from many time zones away.

Blankfactor Colombia - Connection Hub LATAM

Just a short flight away

Colombia has become one of the largest and most important connection hubs in all of LATAM thanks to its easy connection with the United States and its 13 international airports. You’ll only need a short flight to meet your team.

Blankfactor Bulgaria - Excellent Education

Tech environment

Colombia has high quality and stable internet connectivity, among the best in the region. The Colombian government has also developed new policies and agreements to boost the digital transformation of companies around the country, creating a growing tech ecosystem with huge business potential.

Blankfactor Colombia - Young IT Talent

Young IT talent

An impressive workforce of talented young professionals has positioned Colombia as the Latin American software development cradle.

Blankfactor Colombia - Foodies and Adventures

Foodies’ and adventurers’ favorite place

Even the most challenging day is easy to get by when you can enjoy Colombia’s diverse culture: a rich heritage, fantastic food, the most incredible coffee in the world. Most importantly, it holds warm and welcoming people.

In Colombia, you have hundreds of options to enjoy after work or during the weekends. Think of adventurous activities like hiking and trekking to snorkeling or more laid-back enjoyment of good music and excellent food. The hard part is to pick what to do next with so many options!

Blankfactor Colombia - Offices

Our offices in Medellin

Our offices are especially designed to promote a culture of teamwork and creativity. Every workspace has been specially crafted to fit the array of needs during a workday – whether it’s encouraging collaboration, providing some deep focus time, or refreshing the brain with a good table hockey match.

Blankfactor Colombia - Break the Mold

Break the mold

Forget about everything you think you know about Colombia. You need to experience this safe, vibrant, modern country to really grasp its potential and what it will deliver in the years to come. Are you ready for it?

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