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Why Bulgaria Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a long history as a center of technology and development but it’s now gaining even more prominence as one of the go-to technological centers in Europe. The World Economic Forum has ranked Bulgaria as one of the most attractive software development destinations globally. Multi-national organizations like HP, SAP, Microsoft, VMware, and Oracle have already established their operational and development centers in the country.

A member of NATO that shines with the latest tech

Aside from being the oldest country in Europe, Bulgaria has come to be one of the most significant technology hubs in the world. That’s why we opened a delivery center in Sofia, Bulgaria, where we have cultivated highly-trained talent for years. We’ll continue to grow as a means of helping more clients achieve their goals, harnessing all the benefits of working from a European NATO member nation that’s also the epicenter of fintech.

Blankfactor Bulgaria - European Tech Hubs

Connected with European tech hubs

Bulgaria is just one short flight away from the biggest tech hubs in Central and Western Europe and the tech cities of the Middle East. Its strategic location grants easy and immediate access to the EU market and the rest of the world through fast connections between main economic centers.

Bulgaria offers cultural proximity to European and US companies as a complementary advantage in terms of business attitude, ethics, and process.

Blankfactor Bulgaria - Full Day Collaboration

Full-day collaboration

Maximize the amount of production time on your project by working with teams in different time zones. Begin your day by working hand-in-hand with your teams in Eastern Europe. Then, extend the production hours by combining efforts with our developers in our Latin American offices.

Blankfactor Bulgaria - Excellent Education

Powered by excellent education

93% of Bulgaria’s high-school graduates speak a foreign language, among which English ranks as one of the most popular. English competency has consistently improved in the last decade, placing Bulgaria among the top countries in the English Proficiency Index. The quality of Bulgarian education overall, ranking high on a global level, has also significantly contributed to the country’s high quality of software experts.

Blankfactor Bulgaria - Elite IT Workers

The elite of IT workers

Bulgaria is renowned for its talent, and Bulgarian professionals are globally recognized as elite IT specialists. The country supports over 220 well-established schools that offer ICT programs combined with solid English skills. In addition, more than 15 universities offer ICT programs at a higher level, infusing talented young professionals into the economy each year.

Among these, about a third are women, which has made Bulgaria a leader with the best male-female ratio of employees in the ICT sector in Europe. Our top Bulgarian professionals are a passionate, dedicated force, and they are ready to help you succeed.

Blankfactor Bulgaria - Long Term Relationships

Long-term relationships

Regarded as one of the best European centers for investment, Bulgaria has established itself as a leading destination in outsourcing and nearshoring. Moreover, its low staff attrition rate of 3% is eight times lower than the European market average of 24%. This translates to long-lasting relationships between our teams and clients and sustained smooth project execution.

Blankfactor Bulgaria - Offices

Our offices in Bulgaria

Our employees enjoy an attractive and stimulating workspace specially designed to foster creativity and innovation. We are attentive to their needs for growth and learning as well as their aspiration to better balance work and life. So what makes this office a must-see? Its privileged location, exquisite architecture, childcare corner, fantastic pool, and an incredible view of the city are just some of the many treats it offers.

Blankfactor Bulgaria - Competitive Cost

Competitive cost

In addition to the multilingual profile pool of specialists, another significant advantage of Bulgaria is the aptitude to match the right talent at a competitive cost. Records show that companies that work with development teams in Bulgaria observe an average 30-50% decrease in employment cost compared with in-house staffing, with no loss of productivity.

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