What are the real benefits of nearshore development outsourcing? How do these benefits compare to other forms of outsourcing? This report focuses exclusively on nearshore services, their advantages, and why nearshore staffing has become the preferred outsourcing option worldwide. 

Throughout the previous decade, the tech industry in the United States struggled to find highly skilled labor for many successful start-ups. The talent shortage motivated many companies to outsource or look outside their company for new talent. Those thinking of outsourcing have three options: nearshore services, which are sent to neighboring regions; offshore services, work sourced far away from the place of origin; and onshore services, focused on assigning roles to a company within the same country.

Whenever a business discusses outsourcing, one of the most important considerations is distance: physical, temporal, and cultural. In outsourcing relationships, technological intermediation is used as a means to counteract the difficulties imposed by distance. However,  providers should also consider how cultural differences may have an effect on business relationships.

Nearshore development in Latin America

Nearshore development, as opposed to offshore or onshore development, still allows for reduced costs while maintaining quality and allowing for the creation of highly complex and innovative projects. For many companies in the United States and the world, Latin America has become a technological hub, mainly due to its accelerated growth in areas such as technological investment, internet penetration, highly skilled labor, and timezone alignment. 

Highly specialized human capital is not necessarily easy to find in the same country. For this reason, most companies have started looking at outsourcing as an option. Within the world of outsourcing, nearshore development has positioned itself as an unbeatable alternative to find great talent. To explore the reason behind this, download our white paper and discover why nearshore is the outsourcing option to beat.